GREEN | Parfum

GREEN | Parfum


Green is where you don't just wear a fragrance; you embody an experience

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Green, an extraordinary olfactory tale unfolds, weaving a narrative of luxury and mystery that captivates the senses and lingers in the air like a whispering secret. This fragrance is not merely a scent; it's an immersive experience, a journey into opulence that begins with the tantalizing burst of Valencia orange.

Picture the sun-drenched orchards of Valencia, where the ripest oranges glisten under the golden rays. The fragrance of freshly peeled oranges hangs in the air, vibrant and refreshing, as if the very essence of sunshine has been captured. As the citrusy notes caress your senses, the delicate cyclamen petals, reminiscent of rare, moonlit blooms, delicately unfurl. Each petal carries a touch of ethereal elegance, adding a refined subtlety to the symphony of scents. The fragrance then evolves, gaining richness and depth, as if you've stepped into a decadent patisserie, surrounded by the heavenly aroma of desserts crafted with precision and passion.

Yet, the true enigma of Green lies in its lingering essence – the musk note. This mysterious element weaves an invisible thread of allure, adding depth and character to the fragrance. It's the scent of hidden desires and whispered promises, an enigmatic aura that envelopes you in a captivating embrace.

Green, you don't just wear a fragrance; you embody an experience, a tapestry of scents that tells a story of elegance, mystery, and unparalleled indulgence.