Elevate Your Gifting: A symphony of Fragrance with the Parfum Discovery Set

Elevate Your Gifting: A symphony of Fragrance with the Parfum Discovery Set

The Art of Giving Fragrance this Holiday Season

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of color with the Parfum Discovery Set—a collection that unveils elegance, evokes lasting memories, and shares the joy of sensory indulgence. Each 10mL bottle is a unique expression of fragrance and style, making this holiday season truly unforgettable. Gift the extraordinary, gift the Parfum Discovery Set. Elevate your senses and embark on a fragrant journey like no other.

Discovering the Art of Fragrance:

Introducing the Parfum Discovery Set—a testament to the art of fragrance. This exquisite collection unveils the unique olfactory masterpieces of Blue, Red, Black, Green, and Purple. Crafted to suit diverse personalities, each fragrance is a thoughtful blend of captivating notes that elevate the sensory experience.

Blue: A Captivating Symphony

Meet Blue, a fragrance that transcends the ordinary and demands attention. The blend of amber, santal, iris, and oud wood creates a robust aura of confidence and power. With notes of jasmine, neroli, and exotic woods, Blue is not just a scent but a captivating force. Ideal for those who appreciate the bold elegance of a commanding fragrance. 

Red: Sparkling Elegance

Red is a delightful fragrance that captures sophistication and elegance in every note. Ruby grapefruit, heliotrope petals, cashmere amber, and sea moss create an irresistible allure. A sparkling burst of juicy freshness from the ruby grapefruit gracefully envelops the scent in cashmere amber, making Red the perfect choice for those who appreciate aquatic enticement. 

Black: Enchanting Sensuality

Enter the enchanting symphony of Black, a fragrance designed to embody treacherous passion. Sage, Tiare flower, saffron, and moss create a mesmerizing dance of sensuality. The beautiful tiare flower, combined with rich saffron, forms a luxurious foundation that lingers seductively. Black is an enchanting composition, igniting the essence of seduction. 

Green: Opulence Unveiled

Indulge in the rich and mysterious allure of Green—a fragrance that captivates the senses with its blend of Valencia orange, cyclamen, vanilla, and musk. Sun-kissed Valencia orange unveils a refreshing aroma, while white cyclamen petals add a touch of refinement. Green is an immersion into the essence of pure luxury. 

Purple: Captivating Sophistication

Purple is a fragrance that leaves a bold impression wherever you go. Crafted with a masterful blend of neroli flower, peppercorn, cardamom, and patchouli, it exudes sophistication and intrigue. The captivating neroli flower, coupled with peppercorn and cardamom, creates a subtle hint of spice. Grounded by patchouli, Purple is the epitome of sophistication and seduction.